Join your AYSR Community to discuss the recently published book by Eddie Stern, One Simple Thing. This is a well organized, well written book that covers everything from “What is Yoga” to “Tips on Practice” and includes some simple contemplative practices to incorporate into any schedule.

Eddie began his research for this book with 2 questions: 1) Where do consciousness and biology meet? 2) Is happiness a physiological experience? He answers these questions with a close look at the ancient yogic practices, and relates them to modern scientific research around the nervous system.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in dipping their toes into the deeper intentions behind our Ashtanga breathing and Asana practice, as well as those looking for a connection between the “yoga world” and modern western knowledge of how our bodies work best. Eddie presents his research in plain language, simple terms and relates the concepts to real-world situations.

Purchase the book and read it now. Join us to discuss, ask questions and share your take on the book on June 23rd at 4pm at AYS Raleigh. Feel free to bring snacks/drinks. This is a free community event. Sign up on the Class Schedule to let me know your are participating :-)

Purchase the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any number of sources.