Monday, December 24th 10-11:30am: David Garrigues Led 1/2 Primary Series Via Facebook Live: Join us at AYS Raleigh where we’ll broadcast David’s class. The class is free. Sign up on the Class Schedule to reserve your space. Here’s a message from David:

“I am happy to announce that on December 24 I will be live broadcasting a Half Led Primary Series plus talk to all of my social media sites: Facebook, IG, YouTube, and Periscope!

There is no charge for this live stream class. All students can participate. This class is to benefit the Plastic Pollution Coalition that fights single use plastic.  After the live stream there will be a link on my website where you can donate directly to the P.P.C.

If you are in the Los Angeles area you are invited to attend the class at no charge.  The class will be taught and broadcast from the Sanctum Community Center in Venice Beach. You can find more information on my website,

Tuesday December 25th: CLOSED

Wednesday December 26th: MYSORE 8-10am with Stacy

Thursday December 27th - Friday December 28th: CLOSED

Saturday December 29th: LEVEL 1/2 LED PRIMARY 10-11am with Alicia

Sunday December 30th: OPEN FOR SELF PRACTICE 8-10am with Alicia

Monday December 31st: CLOSED AS USUAL

Tuesday January 1st 10-11:30am: GUIDED MOON SEQUENCE & TALK w/Stacy — Join Stacy to ring in the New Year with this gentle flow sequence followed by a short talk

This Moon Sequence practice was designed by Matthew Sweeney and is a nice complement to the Ashtanga Primary Series.  The general energy is more grounded and cooling, with no chaturangas and a nice rolling vinyasa to reset for each new set of postures. The hip openers and forward folds are nicely balance with unique back bending and a delicious closing sequence.  Passcards and Memberships apply. $15 drop in. Sign up on the Class Schedule to reserve your space