Join Ashtanga teacher Joanna Darlington to explore several different aspects of practice.  Last Fall with Jo we took a close look at the Standing Postures of the Ashtanga practice.  This time its Breath, Backbends, Inversions and More...


Saturday April 29th--

10am-12pm Foundations of Ujjayi and Supported Postures:  Enjoy a select group of supported positions as you explore the two patterns of energy moving in specific directions inside the body known as Prana Vayu (inhalation) and Apana Vayu (exhalation). The class will focus on these two Vayu patterns of breathing and can help you to access the power of ashtanga’s central breathing technique called Ujjayi.
12:30-2:30pm Back Bends: An investigation of backbending principles, learn to build it from the foundation up! In this class we will enjoy a sampling of backbend asanas from both primary and second series of Ashtanga yoga.

Sunday April 30th --

10am-12pm Inversions: Going UPsideDown! From downdog to handstand and everything in between.


Early Bird (Through March 29th):

$25/session or $65 for all three sessions

After March 29th:

$30/session or $75 for all three sessions

To register for individual sessions, go to the Class Schedule

Questions? or 919-880-9409



Joanna started with yoga in 2004. Though she has studied various styles, including
Iyengar and restorative, she has maintained a primary focus in Ashtanga yoga and
the lineage of David Garrigues. Through her teaching she supports this lineage and
the lineage of her teachers teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. She has continued to learn
and benefit from the depths of her practice and study as it has been presented to her
through the guidance of her teacher and dedication to daily practice.
As senior apprentice to David, she often travels with and assists him when sharing
his knowledge both in the US and India. Her love of ashtanga yoga, and her passion
for teaching it, continues to blossom through her study and all that has come from it.
Joanna is currently serving as a guest teacher in various yoga studios across the
globe and enjoys the beauty of experiencing and being a part of a larger reaching
community of yogis along the way. You can see her schedule on her website,