AYS Raleigh Ashtanga Workshop Series 2017

With Stacy Ingham, Owner/Director

Beginning in January, Stacy will offer Monthly workshops to explore more deeply different aspects of the Ashtanga practice.  Included in these workshops will be: Surya Namaskara, Standing Sequence, Primary Series Seated Postures, Back Bends, Inversions, Intermediate Series Postures, Pranayama and more. These workshops are suitable for any level of student, and recommended for those starting out in the Ashtanga practice.

The 2nd Half of Primary Series Saturday November 18th; 10am-12pm

We'll explore the Primary Series Seated Postures that come after Navasana. This will include a look at Bhujapidasana, Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana, some of the most challenging postures in the series. Appropriate for any level of student, as we will begin the most basic versions of these postures and build from there. Contact Stacy Ingham with any questions: inghamsk@gmail.com 919-880-9409

Cost -- $20