New Years Day Yoga Mala

108 Sun Salutations to welcome the New Year

Join me to usher in the new year with Bhakti and Tapas.  The number 108 is auspicious in many different traditions.  Here at AYSR, by performing Surya Namaskar A 108 times, we are honoring the new year and displaying our devotion and discipline in our yoga practice.  I will lead participants through 108 Sun Salutations in sets of 27.  Stay for the whole thing, or just for one or two sets.  Water and light snacks will be provided for when we are finished :-)

There is no charge for this event.  Donations will be accepted at the door and given to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  

Sign up on the Class Schedule page.  Space is limited so reserve your spot ASAP!  

Contact me with any questions:  or  919-880-9409