Introduction to Mysore Style Ashtanga

Introduction to Mysore Style Ashtanga

New to Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore Style classes?  This is your opportunity to learn what it's all about and begin to build your own self-paced Ashtanga practice in a safe, supportive group setting.

The Mysore class is not structured like a typical yoga class; it’s more like receiving a private lesson in a group setting.  You practice amidst other like-minded students who are working at their own level and pace. Mysore is a self-practice where students practice the Ashtanga series at their own pace with a teacher assisting each student individually.  This course will prepare you to participate in our ongoing Mysore classes.  

During the month of February students will meet each Sunday at 10am. We'll begin each Sunday Session with a talk on some aspect of the Ashtanga practice (breath, vinyasa, etc), and then begin to learn the sequence of postures that make up the foundation of the introductory series. We will gradually introduce you to Ashtanga yoga in a way that is right for each individual. Students move through the series at their own pace allowing the body to open naturally and only working new postures when physically and emotionally ready.  

This course includes an unlimited pass to all classes on the AYS Raleigh Schedule  February 4th through March 3rd. Students are encouraged to attend these classes at least twice a week to reinforce what we will learn on Sundays, and to create a healthy habit of practicing yoga consistently.

Cost: $108

Weekend Workshop with Michelle Dorer

Weekend Workshop with Michelle Dorer



MARCH 9-11 2018


Michelle has been coming to Raleigh to share her experience and knowledge for several years, and we look forward to another installment of her teaching. For this workshop, we’ll have a full weekend of practice and workshops, chanting and pranayama.  



$40/session for Saturday or Sunday AM

$30/session for Friday or Saturday PM



$45/session for Saturday or Sunday AM

$35/session for Friday or Saturday PM

Questions?  or 919-880-9409




5:30-7:30PM : 
Introduction to Second Series; Nadi Shodhana - An introduction to Nadi Shodhana, the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  We will gently explore the first half of the sequence including some research to make the postures more accessible and healthy for the body.  You do not have to be a Second Series practitioner to participate.  Experience with Primary Series or advanced Vinyasa is recommended.


8-11AM : MYSORE FOLLOWED BY PRANAYAMA/CHANTING of the Yoga Sutras with Discussion

12:30-2PM : 
How to Maintain a Healthy Back - In this class we will discuss cultural trends that are causing back pain and work towards relearning a more healthy alignment and body posture through yoga.  Yoga is a powerful tool for healing the body when used correctly.  We will explore new ways to practice yoga that will improve the health and well-being of the body and mind.  This class will benefit students and teachers of all levels and traditions.  


8-11AM:  MYSORE FOLLOWED BY PRANAYAMA/CHANTING of the Yoga Sutras with Discussion


Michelle Dorer is the director of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in the Outer Banks which opened in September 2005.  She is a long term student of Tim Miller and has completed his First Series, Second Series, and Third Series Teacher Trainings.  Michelle had the opportunity to practice with Pattabhi Jois at the tale end of his life and has also studied with several other prominent Ashtanga Yoga teachers within the Lineage, has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga daily uninterrupted for fourteen years, is currently learning the Fourth Series from Tim, has attended several workshops on various areas of spirituality such as meditation, chanting, astrology, ayurveda, studies of sacred texts, and has a love for lore, dancing, and gathering around Fire.  She has a BA in psychology from the University of Virginia.

Led Full Vinyasa Primary Series

Led Full Vinyasa Primary Series

Ashtanga Primary Series is most commonly practiced in the "Half Vinyasa" form, meaning that between seated poses, students flow through to Downward Dog and then back to seated.  In "Full Vinyasa Form", students flow through all the way to standing (Samastitih) between poses and then back to seated again for the next pose.  The result is energetically quite different, stimulating and relaxing at the same time.  It is recommended that students have experience practicing Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga consistently before attending this class.

Cost:  Passcards and Memberships Apply; $15 Drop In

Questions? Contact Stacy: 919-880-9409

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