Introduction to Mysore Style Ashtanga

Introduction to Mysore Style Ashtanga

New to Ashtanga Yoga and/or Mysore Style classes?  This is your opportunity to learn what it's all about and begin to build your own self-paced Ashtanga practice in a safe, supportive group setting.

The Mysore class is not structured like a typical yoga class; it’s more like receiving a private lesson in a group setting.  You practice amidst other like-minded students who are working at their own level and pace. Mysore is a self-practice where students practice the Ashtanga series at their own pace with a teacher assisting each student individually.  This course will prepare you to participate in our ongoing Mysore classes.  

Beginning September 9th, students will meet each Sunday from 11:30am - 1:30pm for 4 weeks. We'll begin each Sunday Session with a talk on some aspect of the Ashtanga practice (breath, vinyasa, etc), and then begin to learn the sequence of postures that make up the foundation of the introductory series. We will gradually introduce you to Ashtanga yoga in a way that is right for each individual. Students move through the series at their own pace allowing the body to open naturally and only working new postures when physically and emotionally ready.  

This course includes an unlimited pass to all classes on the AYS Raleigh Schedule  September 9th through October 7th. Students are encouraged to attend these classes at least twice a week to reinforce what we will learn on Sundays, and to create a healthy habit of practicing yoga consistently.

Cost: $108

Workshop - Unlocking Leg Behind Head Postures

Workshop - Unlocking Leg Behind Head Postures

Many things come into play in the body and mind when working toward putting your leg behind your head in postures like Eka Pada Sirsasana, Dwi Pada Sirsasana, Supta Kurmasana. We'll take a closer look at the actions required to approach this kind of posture safely and still making steady progress.



Ashtanga Yoga Beach Retreat :-) I'll be co-teaching with some of my favorite people at Ashtanga Yoga Center OBX in Nags Head NC October 4-7

Contact Michelle Dorer directly for questions and to Register/Pay:
Direct questions to: Stacy Ingham at or Suzanne Faulkner at 

Here are a few details about the retreat: 

Full Retreat Price (housing not included): $250 if paid before September 1st; $300 after September 1st; Individual Session Pricing: See Flyer Below

Mysore Practice; Thursday - Sunday mornings 7:30-10:30am. Stacy, Suzanne, Michelle and Nikos will be trading off to lead and assist these sessions so you'll get valuable insight from us all.

Pranayama and Chanting; Thursday - Sunday mornings after Mysore. We'll all be trading off guiding these sessions also to help jump start these valuable parts of practice.

Afternoon Sessions Thursday - Saturday 4-5:30pm - Each afternoon we'll offer a special session not to be missed. Asana Study, Sutra Study, and a special Panel Discussion are planned. Bring your questions and benefit from decades of collective teaching experience.

Beach Bonfire Gathering; Saturday Evening. We'll have a fire - you come and enjoy the special magic of the Outer Banks with your fellow Ashtangis :-)

You'll have plenty of time each day to enjoy what the Outer Banks has to offer - shopping, restaurants, beach, nature walks and more. October is still quite nice weather-wise but a little quieter so you can really settle in to a slower "beach-time" pace.

We all hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you in October! 


Michelle Dorer can take Venmo or Paypal payments, or of course a check in the mail. Contact her at: OR 252-202-0345
Direct questions to Michelle or:
Stacy Ingham at 
Suzanne Faulkner at 

Sanskrit Revolution with Marcy Goldstein, Ph.D.

Sanskrit Revolution with Marcy Goldstein, Ph.D.

AYS Raleigh is proud to announce Marcy Goldstein's return this Fall for a FULL DAY workshop on Sanskrit, the Language of Yoga. Details and registration below. Direct questions to Stacy: or 919-880-9409


9:30am-1pm : Introduction to Sanskrit -- Ever wondered what your teacher is saying in Sanskrit? Would you like to pronounce Sanskrit words confidently? Do you know the correct pronunciation and deeper meanings of the Ashtanga opening & closing chants and the Primary Series postures? This workshop will demystify pronunciations, spellings, definitions, and deeper meanings of words that you hear, say, read, and sing. You will learn fascinating things and walk away with a true appreciation for this sacred sound system. Understanding the language of yoga will enhance your practice and professionalize your teaching. For new students thru lead instructors. *Includes handouts and recording of the class chanting Sanskrit

2:15-4:45pm : History of Yoga -- What are the oldest poses and which ones were made up yesterday?  Was the Buddha a yogi? When did asana practice reach the US?  To what extent are our received stories about yoga history romanticized “alternative fact”?  This workshop will explore these questions and more in a whirlwind tour of texts, teachers, and traditions from 2500 B.C.E. to the ever-changing modern moment.  You will gain new ways to think through the (mis/dis)information about yoga and other unfolding personal and community histories. *Includes 4500-year timeline and a list of recommended books, articles, videos, and films on the topic.

5-6pm : Devanagari Script Writing -- The most common script in which Sanskrit is written, Devanagari means "city of the gods" or "divine writing."  You've seen the beautiful letters that hang beneath a horizontal line, but the sounds they make remain a mystery!  Come learn how to read and write mantras, sutras, your name, and more (especially before you get that tattoo!) for an artistic hour at the end of our day spent studying the language and history of yoga. *Includes handouts and recommended workbooks for additional practice. 


Full Workshop: $120 if Paid in Advance; $125 Walk-In Registration

Introduction to Sanskrit: $60 if Paid in Advance; $65 Walk-In Registration

History of Yoga: $45 if Paid in Advance; $50 Walk-In Registration

Devanagari Script Writing: $20 if Paid in Advance; $25 Walk-In Registration

***CEUs for RYTs

Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Ph.D., received doctoral training in Religious Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara and in New Delhi, and has taught Indian traditions and world religions at UC Riverside, Davidson College, UNC Charlotte, and The Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University of Charlotte.  As founder & director of Sanskrit Revolution, she teaches Sanskrit, yogic speech, history, and philosophy at studios and festivals nationally.  Drawing from her academic background and yoga practice, Marcy creates classes that illuminate the language and culture of yoga, deepen people’s knowledge, and inspire personal growth.