Single Class: $15
Good for one class.

5 Class Card: $65
Good for 5 classes. 

10 Class Card: $125
Good for 10 classes. 

Recurring Monthly Unlimited Pass: $110
Practice on a consistent basis with unlimited class access. 

Unlimited Monthly Family Membership (*auto-renew) - $170
Good for unlimited class access for all persons listed on the family membership. A family membership includes to up to three people.  A family can be a couple, parent(s) w/ children over the age of 12, or even adult siblings. 

Introduction to Ashtanga Course: $125
Good for a one-month beginner introduction 


Ashtanga yoga is learned in what’s called a “Mysore” class.  The Mysore class is not structured like a typical yoga class; it’s more like receiving a private lesson in a group setting.  You practice amidst other like-minded students who are working at their own level and pace. ALL LEVELS   More info >

Doors open 5:45am

If your practice is longer than 90 minutes, you may adjust your start time accordingly


This is a traditionally counted primary series class.  The primary series is the first set of yoga postures, considered most important and foundational, that are taught in traditional Ashtanga yoga.  This practice helps practitioners deepen focus inward, learn to extend breath, and is meant to help detoxify and purify the body.  If you have not learned the full primary series sequence you will practice up to the pose you have learned in the Mysore room.  If you are new to Ashtanga we recommend our Introduction to Ashtanga course as a good starting point before entering this class.  LEVEL 2/3


A shorter version of Led Primary Series, students will be led through the Primary Series up to Navasana - approximately half of the seated postures.  This is a great opportunity to try out the Ashtanga practice. Appropriate for those with some experience with vinyasa style yoga. LEVEL 2


If you are new to Ashtanga we highly recommend this course!  It is a month long, 3 day a week introduction to Ashtanga yoga that also includes an unlimited class pass for the month.  Twice a week you will be working one-on-one with a teacher in the Mysore class and once a week you will attend a led class.  By learning this way, you’ll quickly become comfortable with the Mysore style learning format and you’ll see how effective the method can be in helping you create a personal practice.  This is a serious, fun, and safe environment for you to start your practice of Ashtanga yoga. You choose your own start date and the days each week that work best for you (see Class Schedule)

Mysore is a self-practice where students practice the Ashtanga series at their own pace with a teacher assisting each student individually.  This course will prepare you to participate in our ongoing Mysore classes.  During the month students will learn to memorize the sequence of postures that make up the foundation of the introductory series.  We are able to give one-on-one attention to our new students and gradually introduce them to Ashtanga yoga in a way that is right for each individual.  Students move through the series at their own pace allowing the body to open naturally and only working new postures when physically and emotionally ready.  For more information, see the NEW STUDENT page.

ALL LEVELS  Email to signup >

Supplemental Practice

Based on David Garrigues' Video Courses, students will be led through a variety of exercises focusing on different aspects of the practice, including strength, stamina, breathwork, chanting and meditation. These exercises are meant to cultivate a deeper, more focused understanding of the fundamentals of the Ashtanga system of yoga, with an eye toward enhancing your practice. ALL LEVELS

Ashtanga Foundations

Students will be led through Ashtanga Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, and a Pranayama practice.  This class is appropriate for all levels of student. A perfect introduction to the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. LEVEL 1